Hypoxia Chamber

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This new Hypoxia Chamber Glove Box is ideal for tissue culture work, including tumor cell and stem cell research. It features a color operated “touch screen” for automatically controlling oxygen levels, temperature levels, and carbon dioxide levels.

The 856-Series is ideal for stem cell and cancer cell research!

Standard Features of the Hypoxia Chamber:


  •  8” Color Panel Touch Screen.
  •  O2 sensor and CO2 sensor.
  • Platinum RTD with sealing gland.
  •  N2, CO2, and O2 gas hook-up.
  •  Inert gas hook-up.
  •  Ethernet port connection for data-logging.
  •  Thermoelectric Assembly (Peltier device).
  •  Password protected, configurable PID control.
  •  One touch, on screen data-logging.
  •  Air circulation fan.

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Inside Dimensions:
41" w x 28" d x 26" h
1,041mm x 711mm x 660mm
Outside Dimensions, (includes 12" long transfer chamber)
55" w x 35" d x 38" h
1,397mm x 889mm x 965mm h
Oxygen Range:                          0-25%        Accuracy:  ±0.25%
Carbon Dioxide (C02) range:    0-20%        Accuracy:  ±0.2%
Temperatrue Range:                  ambient to 40°C       Accuracy: ±0.3°C
Parameter Control:                     ±11% or degree of set point


Electrical requirements

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North American
Model Number:  856-Series
Electrical Requirements:  115-120 volts, 60 Hz. 12 Amps
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Model Number:  856-Exp Series
Electrical Requirements: 220-240 volts, 50 Hz. 5 Amps