"Powder Handling" Isolator

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The new 840-Series Powder Handling Isolator is a closed-loop HEPA-filtered containment glove box used for small-scale handling/weighing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”) in powder form.

Observed Containment Levels: <1.0 Nanograms/cubic meter  With optional Bag-In / Bag-Out Port (pn: 800-BIBO/PORT)

Standard Features of the "Powder Handling" Isolator:

  • Standard 24 month warranty (Not gloves or consumables
  • 3/8” thick clear acrylic construction with 3/8” thick
    bright white acrylic bottom.
  • White Hypalon™ Gloves.
  • Closed-Loop Double HEPA Filtration Package.
  • Two clear acrylic square transfer chambers. Ingress/
    Egress. No gas valves. ID: 17”wide x 13” deep x 13” high. Not engineered for vacuum use. 
  •  Magnehelic™ Gauge bracket with on/off switch for blower.
  • No removable top.
  • HEPA Capsule with manual ball valve.
  • Magnetic Interlocks on transfer chamber doors.
  • Single, covered electrical receptacle.
  • Work Station Ionizer, #800-AS/SPI.
  • Leak test Report, ISO 14644-7 class I (Tf ≤ 5 x 10-4).


800-AS/SPI, Anti-Static Ionizer. Emits alternating
positive and negative ions, removing static inside the glove
box. This is a non-air assisted static eliminator,
(no blower / no fan). The 800-AS/SPI is perfect for working
with fine powders and chemicals.

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840-PH-10 Series

Inside Dimensions
34" w x 24"d x 30"h
88cm x 61cm x 76cm high
Outside Dimensions
(includes transfer chamber 12" long)
72"w x 30"d x 48"h
183cm x 76cm x 122cm high
Approximate Shipping Dimensions (crated)
90" x 48" x 57"
229cm x 122m x 145cm



840-PH-20 Series

Inside Dimensions
46" w x 24"d x 30"h
118cm x 61cm x 76cm high
Outside Dimensions
(includes transfer chamber 12" long)
84"w x 30"d x 48"h
214cm x 76cm x 122cm high
Approximate Shipping Dimensions (crated)
105" x 40" x 57"
267cm x 102m x 145cm







840-PH-30 Series

Inside Dimensions
59" w x 24"d x 30"h
151cm x 61cm x 76cm high
Outside Dimensions
(includes transfer chamber 12" long)
97"w x 30"d x 48"h
247cm x 76cm x 122cm high
Approximate Shipping Dimensions (crated)
99" x 42" x 59"
252cm x 107m x 150cm

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states
North America
Model Number:  840-Series


Electrical Requirements:  
115-120 Volts
60 Hz.  1Amp
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Model Number:  840-Series


Electrical Requirements:  
220-240 Volts
50 Hz.  0.5 Amp

Transfer Chamber

  • Features square transfer chamber:  17" wide x 13" deep x 13" high

  • Door opening:  11.75" wide x 11.75" high

  • Door interlock system for safety.

  • Not engineered to support a vacuum.

  • For safety, only one transfer chamber can be opened at-a-time.

Bag-In / Bag-Out Port

The 800-BIBO/PORT, Bag-In / Bag-Out port includes a 14" x 48" long ArmorFlex polypropylene bag for safe removal of HEPA filters. 
Used HEPA filters are always contained and are never exposed outside of
the containment isolator.  Bag port is 12" OD (304mm OD) clear acrylic
with two machined grooves for bag placement. 
BAG-IN / BAG-OUT Accessories:
800-BIBO, Bag-In / Bag-Out port
800-BIBO/BAGS, Additional bags
800-BIBO/CRIMPER, Crimper tool and caps.
800-BIBO/CRIMPS, Red closure clamps

Crimper Tool Procedure


The 800-BIBO/CRIMPER allows you to safely and securely remove, and seal, used HEPA filters.





Custom Capabilities


Plas-Labs is committed to providing high quality research equipment at a fair price. We realize that unique research protocols may require individualized equipment. We offer the following special services:
  •  Design Engineering.
  •  Custom Service/Maintenance Schedules.
  •  CAD Drawings.
  •  New Product Development.
  •  Customized Operator Manuals.
  •  F.A.T. Documentation.
  •  I.Q. & O.Q. Documentation.
  •  Third Party Certification.
  •  On Site Training.
  •  Various Materials of Construction, Eg., Light Sensitive Protection, Stainless Steel, Static-Dissipative Acrylic, Clear PVC, and PETG.
For more information on our custom capabilies, please contact us.