"Integrity" Stainless Steel Glove Box

2 year warranty badge

PLAS-LABS is pleased to offer our re-engineered stainless steel glove box which is based upon our over fifty (50) years of experience. This rugged unit is ideal for applications in the field as well as the lab.

Unitized construction provides complete integrity for protection of operators. Samples can be gathered and studied in the field or moved back to your laboratory as needed.  Complete integrity is maintained.

Single user (2 glove) system:    819-SS/GB
Multiple user (4 glove) system:  819-SS/GBB

Standard Features of the "Integrity" Stainless Steel Glove Box:

  • Complete portability from lab to lab.
  • Easy to load large bulky equipment.
  • The unit does not “out gas”.
  • Increased chemical resistance of stainless steel.
  • Excellent for low humidity (Rh) requirements.
  • Neutral (non-reactive) environmental work.
  • Complete safety for transferring anaerobic field samples.
  • Units can be coupled together for multiple user operations.
  • Electrical outlet strip.
  • Transfer chamber: 12" long x 11" ID


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819_GB_AE.jpg      819_GBopena.jpg



(single user:  2 gloves)
Inside Dimensions
40”w x 29”d x 27” h.      
1,020 mm x 740 mm x 690 mm h
Outside Dimensions
(includes transfer chamber 12" long)
53”w x 30”d x 34” h.      
1,350 mm x 765 mm x 864 mm h
17.3 Cubic feet          489 Liters
Appx. Shipping Weight
275 pounds               125 Kilos

819_GBB.jpg     819_GBB_Open.jpg


(multiple user:  4 gloves)


Inside Dimensions
60”w x 38”d x 31”h.        
1,520mm x 960mm x 790mm h


Outside Dimensions
(includes transfer chamber 12" long)
76”w x 47”d x 32” h.        
1,930mm x 1,190mm x 812mm h
40.9 Cubic feet          1,157 Liters
Appx. Shipping Weight
325 pounds               148 Kilos

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states

North American

Electrical Requirements:  115-120 Volts
60 Hz. up to 12 Amps
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Electrical Requirements:  220-240 Volts
50 Hz.  up to 12 Amps

What’s included with the 819-Series:

  •   Standard 24 month warranty. (Not on gloves or consumables).
  • Rugged 12 Ga. stainless steel housing.
  •  Safety glass viewing port.
  • Optically clear transfer chamber for viewing samples.
  •  Four (4) ground key cock valves for purging.
  • Total front panel access for large equipment.
  •  Adjustable stainless steel hardware throughout.
  • Ambidextrous white HypalonTM gloves (10”Ø [254mm]).
  •  “Bright Light” system (40,000 hour lamp guarantee).
  • Polycarbonate inner transfer chamber door.  (No out-gassing).
  •  Multiple electric outlet (socket) strip, hospital grade.
  •  Dual (gas piston) lifters on the front door.
  •  Neoprene gasketing standard.

Optional Accessories for the 819-Series "Integrity" Glove Box

Additional Transfer Chambers

Rapid Transfer Port

HEPA Filtration System

Custom Capabilities


Plas-Labs is committed to providing high quality research equipment at a fair price. We realize that unique research protocols may require individualized equipment. We offer the following special services:
  •  Design Engineering.
  •  Custom Service/Maintenance Schedules.
  •  CAD Drawings.
  •  New Product Development.
  •  Customized Operator Manuals.
  •  F.A.T. Documentation.
  •  I.Q. & O.Q. Documentation.
  •  Third Party Certification.
  •  On Site Training.
  •  Various Materials of Construction, Eg., Light Sensitive Protection, Stainless Steel, Static-Dissipative Acrylic, Clear PVC, and PETG.
For more information on our custom capabilies, please contact us. 




Custom 819-Series glove box with 800-HCB Humidty Control Box.