"Basic" Glove Box

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Our catalog #818-Series style glove boxes are designed to be just what they are named, “Basic.” This is a simple enclosure that can be used for general isolation or containment work. They are very useful for isolating sensitive research materials from a hostile exterior environment.

These units are engineered to fit general laboratory research situations. They can be easily modified for specific research projects. These are “starter” glove boxes upon which many accessories can be attached allowing for specific research projects.  

These units are compact, portable, light weight, and can easily be moved from lab to lab.

Standard Features of the "Basic" Glove Box:

  • Optically clear, one piece acrylic top.
  • Matched die molded thermoset, bright white bottom (818-GB only).
  • Coved, easy to clean corners with no hidden dark spots.
  • Double layered, closed cellular neoprene gasketing system.
  • Ambidextrous, white Hypalon gloves for superior chemical and U.V. resistance.
  • Adjustable vacuum gauge on transfer chamber. Four ground key cock valves for purging.
  • White leveling tray for transferring liquids through the transfer chamber.
  • Stainless steel "0" rings for gloves.
  • Transparent transfer chamber 12" long by 11" diameter (l.D.).
  • Standard warranty (12 months).
  • All clamps fully adjustable to compensate for wear.
  • Hospital grade multiple electrical outlet strip U.L.-C.S.A. approved 110-120 volt U.S.A. (220-240 volt export).
  • Optional vacuum pump.  800-PUMP

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Inside Dimensions:
 41"w x 28"d x 26"h            
104cm x 71cm x 66cm
Outside Dimensions:  
(Includes transfer chamber 12" long (30.5cm) )
55"w x 35"d x 27"h            
140cm x 89cm x 68.5cm


17.3ft 489L
Appx. Ship Weight:
225 lbs.



Inside Dimensions:
60"w x 38"d x 31"h          
152cm x 96.5cm x 79cm
Outside Dimensions:  
(Includes transfer chamber 12" long (30.5cm) )
76"w x 47"d x 32"h          
193cm x 119cm 81cm

40.9ft 1157L

Appx. Ship Weight:
250 pounds

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states

North American
Model Number: 818-Series

Electrical Requirements: 115-120 Volts, 60 Hz. 12 Amps. 

silhouette of the globe


Model Number:  818-Series

Electrical Requirements:  220-240 Volts, 50 Hz.  5 amps

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