"La Petite" Glove Box

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PLAS-LABS,INC.® is proud to offer a new concept in small glove boxes. The #815-PGB “Petite Glove Box” is comprised of essentially two (2) components. The top and bottom sections are sealed using a revolutionary new gel system commonly used in the clean room industry for sealing HEPA filters.

The La Petite is only two-thirds the size of our #818-GB Basic Glove Box. It has been designed to be ergonomically correct for the average person.

Careful attention to research requirements and our over forty-five (45) years of experience helped make this glove box very user friendly and inexpensive.

Standard Features of the "La Petite" Glove Box:

  • Lightweight and easy to move from lab to lab.
  • Optically clear, one piece formed top is unbreakable.
  • Bright white one piece bottom formed out of high temperature Noryl™ and has “easy clean” corners.
  • Large access door (12” inch Ø [305 mm] opening).
  • Vacuum gauge on transfer chamber.
  • All stainless steel clamps are adjustable and have security locking capabilities.
  • White leveling tray for transferring liquids.
  • Modern, Gel Sealant (Refer to Gel data below).
  • Large, interior Rh gauge.
  • Four (4) ground key cock valves for purging and gas entry.
  • Hospital grade multiple electrical outlet (socket) strip.
  • Latex gloves 7”Ø (175 mm). Neoprene or HypalonTM also available (Special order).
  • Transparent and vacuum capable transfer chamber size 10”long (254 mm) x 9.75”I.D (245 mm).
  • Standard twenty-four (24) month warranty (Not gloves).

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Inside Dimensions:
31.5” w x 25.5” d x 21.5” h
800mm x 650 mm x 545 mm
Outside Dimensions (includes 12" long transfer chamber): 
49” w x 29” d x 22” h
1,245 mm x 740 mm x 558 mm
Approximate Volume:
9.5 Cubic Ft. 269 Liters
225 Pounds 103 Kilos

Electrical requirements

Without any accessories

silhouette of the united states

North American
Model Number: 815-PGB

Electrical Requirements: 115-120 Volts, 60 Hz. 12 Amps. 

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Export model
Model Number: 815-PGB/EXP

Electrical Requirements: 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. Amps will vary as to end users country.

NOTE: If operations are expected to exceed the pressure limitations listed below, please refer to our #818-GB, Basic Glove Box.

The Gel Sealant System

This new gel sealant was specifically developed for the clean room industry to seal HEPA filters.

Properties of the gel:

  • The gel does not support biological growth.
  • It will not “out gas” and is non-toxic.
  • It is an air-tight, water-tight barrier.
  • It contains no silicone that might cause contamination.
  • It is highly adhesive, yet quick releasing and self-healing.​​​​​​


815-PGB pressure limitations:

  • 2.0” WC (51mm)
  • 0.5 kPa
  • 5.0 MBAR
  • .077 PSI

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