PLAS-LABS offers a variety of glove box gloves, from different materials to different sizes to different designs.

Our one-piece, 32" long, gauntlet style gloves are available in four (4) different materials:

1.  800-GH, Hypalon gloves (standard gloves for most PLAS-LABS' products. 
2. 800-GN, Neoprene gloves
3.  800-GLLP, Latex gloves (discontnued).  
4.  800-GB, Butyl gloves (not pictured).

Note:  800-GLLP has been replaced with the 800-GLLP/B Butyl glove.  This is the primary glove for the PLAS-LABS' 815-PGB "La Petite" glove box. 





We also offer glove box hypalon material sleeves (800-GH/S) with replaceable hands.  The four (4) different hands materials are:

1.   800-GH/S, Hypalon material sleeves only.
2.  800-GA/NIT, Nitrile hands only.
3.  800-GA/HYP, Hypalon hands only.
4 . 800-GA/BUT, Butyl hands only. 
5.  800-GA/LAT, Latex hands only.