Rodent Containment System


This is the only available unit which can be used as a free flow or sealed system.

Our chamber may be used as an open or closed system. If an open system (free flow of air) is desired, align the holes on the top cone with the main clear cylinder. If not, realign the holes to affect the closed system. Once realigned, simply tape the top and the bottom to the main cylinder.

Accommodates mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pig sized animals. This inexpensive containment system is extremely useful for acute or chronic studies.

Standard Features of the Rodent Containment System:

  • Two molded convex cones.  
  • One roll of vinyl sealant tape.
  • One molded concave top for alternative watering technique 
  • Metal tripod stand.  
  • Stainless steel floor grid.
  • Clear cylindrical main housing.
  •  Fecal / urinary separator.
  • Two gas nipples (1/8 x 1/4 NPT hose barb style)

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Model Number Suggested animal Interior size Color Volume
900-RCS Small rodents 7.75" diameter ID x 8" high Clear cylinder 7.5 liters
900-RCL Large rodents 10.75" diameter ID x 9" high Clear cylinder 13.5 liters




  • Metabolism Studies
  • C02 Collection
  • Inhalation Work
  • Euthanasia Chamber
  • Isolation Requirements
  • Anesthesia Techniques

Electrical requirements

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