Intensive Care Units

PLAS-LABS offers an Intensive Care System in three configurations. This system goes far beyond the conventional oxygen door and cage unit.

This unit is a self-contained life support system which provides a controlled environment designed to regulate temperature and oxygen levels. These conditions are essential in caring for the critically ill or injured patient. This method of treatment has been proven significant in increasing the likelihood of successful post-operative recovery.

Our units are the only ones available which have been conceptualized and designed from the ground up for animal intensive care use. Grounded casters included for O2 work.

Since their introduction in 1970, these Intensive Care Units have been selected by nearly every major veterinary school, U.S. government research facility, pharmaceutical testing laboratory, and many progressive private veterinary clinics. They have been shipped all over the world.

Standard Features of the Intensive Care Units:

  •  Each unit is enclosed within stainless steel for durability, ease of cleaning, and sanitation.
  •  Metabolism/Waste Pan
  •  Plastic Coated False Floor
  •  HEPA Filtration Systems with Magnehelic ™ Gauge
  •  The entire unit is mounted on a steel frame for structural integrity.
  •  The animal compartment is a separate unit attached to the frame which provides for replacement should the cage be damaged.
  •  Heavy duty stainless steel grounded casters with brakes, locks, and zerk fittings are standard.
  •  Operators’ manual and standard 12 month warranty.

"Touch Screen" Controlled!

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Model:  ICS-I/TS
Overall dimensions:  
53"w x 30"d x 76" h
134cm x 76cm x 193cm
Animal Area:
38"w x 28"d x 33"h
96cm x 71cm x 83cm


Model:  ICS-II/TS
Overall Dimensions:
100"w x 42"d x 46" h
254cm x 107cm x 117cm
Animal Area:
65"w x 36"d x 35"h
165cm x 92cm x 89cm
Model:  ICS-DT/TS
Overall Dimensions:
81.5"w x 33"d x 84"h
207cm x 83cm x 213cm
Animal Area:
41"w x 28"d x 33"h
104cm x 71cm x 83cm

Electrical requirements

silhouette of the united states
North American
Model Number:  ICS Series
Electrical Requirements:
220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. 10 amps
silhouette of the globe
Model Number:  ICS / Exp-Series
Electrical Requirements:
220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. 10 amps

Performance Specifications

  •  Animal capacity - up to 125 pounds (ICS-l)
  •  Cage temperature - variable from 55 to 120 degrees F
  •  Temperature accuracy - plus/minus 2 degrees F
  •  Air change rate - 1 cage volume/minute
  •  C02 absorption capacity - 24 hours
  •  Temperature stabilization - approximately 15 minutes heat/20 minutes cool
  •  Humidity can be increased, but not reduced.

Cage Compartment

  •  Solid 1/4” acrylic door sealed between two stainless steel frames.
  •  Stainless steel hinge runs the entire length of the door. This provides durability, long life, and assures a tight fitting seal.
  •  Examination door enables easy access to the patient without having to disturb the entire cage environment.
  •  Oxygen meter and probe.
  •  Animal compartment is a seamless, molded fiberglass cage with coved corners for ease of cleaning.
  •  Access ports for I.V., E.K.G. and computer interfaces.
  •  Animal compartment atmosphere exhaust.
  •  Animal compartment atmosphere inlet.

Lower Compartment

  •  Nebulizer for dispensing medicants, vaporizes directly into therapy compartment.
  •  Humidity sensor.
  • Soda sorb tray for atmosphere purifi ation.