Ferret Restrainers

The PLAS-LABS' Ferret Restrainer is a modified version of a similar device initially described by Dr. Daniel McLain in the Volume #35, No. 7 issue of Lab Animal Magazine.®

The PLAS-LABS’ units are offered in four (4) sizes taking into consideration the animals age, weight, and sex. The units are constructed of optical quality clear acrylic (Perspex), and a formed black plastic nose cone with an Acetal locking slide. The main restraining cylinder can be rotated 360° to provide complete access to the animal. All units are mounted on a white acrylic base plate with suction cup feet to guarantee reliable stability during testing procedures. Counter top space required is 11.5” x 21”. (292 x 534mm)

Standard Features of the Ferret Restrainers:

  • Suction cup feet on all four (4) corners.
  • Cylinder rotates to use access holes.
  • Rear tailgate securing knobs. Two (2) typical on each unit.
  • Nose cones with securing knobs. (Breathing holes)
  • Nose cones can slide out to remove ferret.

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Catalog Number Dimensions Animal Weight Range
571-FR 64mm ID x 18" long 400 to 700 grams
572-FR 79mm ID x 18" long 650 to 1,000 grams
573-FR 88mm ID x 18" long 1,000 to 1,700 grams
574-FR 101mm ID x 18" long 1,500 to 2,000 grams


570_FR.jpg               570_FR_open.jpg       571-FR.jpg                               

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